Meteora, Delphi

A private 2-day excursion to the mainland of Greece, exploring the navel of the Earth, Delphi, the sacred region of Meteora and the impressive Thermopylae museum. 

During the first day of your excursion, and before reaching the spiritual site of Greece, Meteora, you will visit the sanctuary of Delphi, where the renowned oracle of ancient Greece was situated. You will be captivated by the breathtaking archaeological site of Delphi and its outstanding Museum that is set within a landscape of stunning natural beauty. 

The second day of your excursion is devoted to the exploration of the spectacular natural landscape of Meteora which is the second largest pilgrimage and monastic area in Greece. The so-called “stone forest”, with its numerous impressive monasteries that are harmoniously set within a serene landscape will offer you a sacred fascination like no other.



  • Visit the imposing archaeological site of Delphi
  • Admire imposing landscapes
  • Explore of the extraordinary sight of Meteora
  • Visit 1-6 Monasteries
  • Learn about the richness of the history and mythology of this land
  • Visit the innovative Thermopylae museum


  • 2-day private excursion
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transport by private car or minivan
  • Refreshment & snack basket
  • Private services of a specialized Insider driver & guide
  • 2-hour guided tour of the archaeological site and museum of Delphi by a state licensed guide
  • Visit Meteora rocks and 1-6 Monasteries
  • All taxes

Prices vary according to group size.

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