Text & photo by Katerina Iona

In Greece, stray cats are indeed a common picture. Postcards of ancient monuments, entertainment places, shops or restaurants, many times have a fellow feline in the background. The reason for this is that stray cats in Greece breed in the wild. They live not only in rural areas but also in urban ones, even in the middle of a big town.

Unlike other countries of the world, Greece has no organization which will undertake the sterilization or vaccination of stray cats and unless individuals adopt them, these cats are left wandering in the streets.

It is well known that cats have nine lives, however, they have a huge enemy and that is speeding cars, much more than dogs. In recent years people like myself, have become more sensitive when it comes to stray cats or dogs, so they either adopt them and keep them in their homes, or provide food, water, and shelter so that our feline friends can have a protected habitat and better living conditions. Domestic cats are almost always sterilized but the ones living outdoors are not so this understandably helps in the increase of their population.

So when you come to Greece, be prepared to enjoy the cuteness, purring and warmth of these tender creatures. They are all so very unique and children, as well as adults, can enjoy their company. All they need from you is your caress and probably a bite or two from your plate.