Greece Family Holidays

Discover the most amazing Kids and family holidays in Greece! Kids love nothing more than a good story about Greek History and Mythology! Our team of experienced family travel planners will make sure that everyone in the family gets entertained and educated! We take pride in organizing private tours in which the storytelling is always adjusted to the kids’ ages. This way, you will all learn interesting facts about our history while keeping children fully engaged during your activities.

Our careful selection of tours includes iconic monuments in Athens (such as the Acropolis) and in many locations all across Greece. All you have to do is let us know if you have any personal favorites or are open to suggestions, and we will take care of all the rest for you. Accompanied by a licensed guide, you will explore Ancient Greece and delve into the mythical side of our country. You will have the chance to play interactive, educational games with your Mythology experts and make this experience an unforgettable one, no matter what your children’s ages are.

If you feel like having an adventure which will bond your family, even more, we can arrange a number of truly impressive interactive activities for you! For instance, a treasure hunt for kids would be an excellent and fun way to explore a city, visit as many locations as possible and interact with locals! Designed by archaeologists and educators with a kid-friendly touch, our activities will definitely train your body and mind, by strolling around and solving lots of riddles, learn new stories and discover hidden Greek mysteries.

As all that matters to us are for you to have many options and tailor your trip exactly as you wish so, we have also discovered a number of culinary experiences that are specially designed for families. As Greek gastronomy is one of the richest ones worldwide, you will be surprised by how many cultural, historical or even artistic implementations are hidden behind some of our dishes. All the members of your family can enjoy delicacies while discovering some of the most authentic places which offer delicious Greek food, made by locals. You can also prepare and enjoy a full Greek meal with the guidance of a foodie expert who will teach the whole family about our cuisine.

Last but not least, who would not love to have a swim at the crystal waters of the Greek coasts? If you are visiting in summer, spending a day at the beach is an absolute must. Choose among a variety of snorkeling, scuba diving or sailing activities led by professional skippers who will teach kids and ensure that you will have an enjoyable time together.

We are committed to offering experiences which will combine anything your kids and yourself could ever wish for; fun, new adventures, lots of exciting things to see and do and ultimately, a family-bonding trip which you will all remember for a very long time!