Located on the northern side of Greece, Thessaloniki is the second largest city of the country and one of the most important ports, as it serves commercial trades between the Mediterranean and the Balkans. The town is constructed around the Gulf of Thermaikos and has a very long fascinating history that dates from the Hellenistic times. Thessaloniki, with its host of Byzantine monuments (due to its significance during the Byzantine period), justifiably is considered an open-air museum of Byzantine art. Wandering through the city, it is worthwhile to see the White Tower Museum, The Byzantine walls, The archaeological museum, The holy wisdom of God church Agia Sophia, Agios Demetrios a splendid basilica dedicated to the patron saint and protector of the city, the old city, and many more interesting sites and monuments.

The long and paved waterfront is a favorite promenade for locals and tourists. Yesterday meets today in this city, as it offers cultural events, theaters, Open air cinemas, Modern Art galleries, libraries, examples of modern architecture, art nouveau and eclecticism, some of the most exclusive fashion stores in Greece and an immense variety of high standard recreational facilities. In Thessaloniki, you will definitely enjoy shopping during your stay. The city offers a wide range of choices that will satisfy every shopper, small luxury boutiques, departments stores, traditional markets, vintage treasures, all shops blend in with cafes, tavernas, and restaurants.

Apart from a modern and interesting town, the prefecture of Thessaloniki has many natural beauties from long sandy beaches on the south, on the way to Halkidiki peninsula, to secluded mountainous regions and lakes.