Halkidiki is a Greek peninsula in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, just a few kilometers from Thessaloniki city. In everyday conversation, the three smaller peninsulas referred to as “fingers”. The first finger Kassandra is traditionally considered as the center of entertainment. The second Sithonia is an oasis of untouched nature with a fragrant pine forest. The third “finger” of the peninsula is the Monastic Republic of Mount Athos, with its 20 beautiful monasteries.

Each year, the beaches of the peninsula are awarded by Blue Flags, an international award by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which recognizes the cleanest beaches in the world.

The development of tourism has created well-organized tourist facilities, luxury hotels, organized marinas, sports events, diving centers, and several entertainment centers, that provide a wonderful setting for a holiday, travelers from all over Greece and the world come to admire the true beauty of the Greek nature.

The visitor of Halkidiki has, daily, a variety of activities to choose. Hundreds of entertainment events, clubs, bars, beach bars, organized excursions, special hiking trips, visits to the archaeological sites and to the traditional settlements as well as a lot of other cultural events that are being organized every summer. The Festivals every year are the top cultural events that attract attendees from Greece and the whole world.

Halkidiki is like a paradise with endless beaches and lush landscapes that reach the turquoise crystal clear water of the sea. A blessed place – as if God did everything to make it beautiful – that combines the cosmopolitan lifestyle of wild nightlife with the tranquility of the nature.– “a hidden paradise”– that awaits for you to explore it!