Welcome to one of the most vibrant cities in Europe! Athens is the capital of Greece and the heart of Greek culture, gastronomy, history, nightlife, leisure and much more. Trust us when we say that you will always find something interested to do in this city!

Starting with sightseeing; Athens constitutes one of the most significant parts of Greek history. From Ancient Greece to modern times, this city has been the center of culture, politics, religion, and architecture. The Athenian heritage not only includes the major Acropolis site but also exquisite museums and galleries which will mesmerize any traveler who is interested in Greek Mythology, Art and History. We can arrange private activities led by licensed guides who are experts in their field and will give you insights on the most interesting history and mythology-related facts.

In addition to offering a rich selection of options for sightseeing, locals have developed a world-known variety of fine-dining restaurants and culinary experiences. Either you want to explore hidden gastronomical gems of the city, learn how to cook an authentic Greek meal or simply spend your evening dining with a direct view of the Acropolis, we can accommodate your wishes and ensure that Greek food will stay in your mind and heart long after returning to home.

Our guests who want to make things more adventurous would be happy to find out that there are lots of exciting activities to follow; spend your holidays delving into the urban and natural beauties of the city by including a treasure hunt, a dancing lesson, a bike tour or even a sailing trip to nearby islands.

Last but not least, let us welcome you to the Athenian nightlife. We always search for the most entertaining, delicate and worth-visiting venues so we can offer you the most exclusive events and happenings. Taste cocktails made by bartenders who have received global awards for their creations, enjoy the refreshing breeze on some of the best rooftop bars around the city or enjoy a great live jazz performance accompanied by local delicacies.

No matter what your preferences are, our team of experienced travel planners will go above and beyond so they can fulfill your dreams and help you to create unforgettable memories with your friends, family, or significant other. We carefully select high-quality experiences to fit your own needs and customize your trip exactly as you wish so!